Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Friends Or More

 Friends or More is my first visual novel and follows the story of Maria - a 24 year old woman who has been housebound for the last 2 years lived in her house due to nightmares which were due to stories she was told when she was younger, but now it is up to you can she overcome these fears and maybe along the way will she find Friends Or More?

The Characters:

Craig (Age 24) - Maria's friend from college, he is very confident without being cocky, he regards Maria as a hermit but there are rumours he has a crush on her.

Clyde (Sprite to be completed) (Age 25) - He feels sorry for her but also dislikes her for some reason.

Mick (Sprite to be completed) (Age 23) - Stranger who sent Maria a letter about the dangers of staying inside, but why did he send the letter?

Luciano (Sprite to be completed) (Age 28) - Maria's former work mate they fell out due to him having to continuously having to do her job for her.

Selena (Sprite In Progress) (Age 26) - Maria's other neighbour - a bit wild but friendly


Thanks to Auro-Cyanide for the amazing logo
Sprites - All Thanks to Eternal Dream

My Team:
James Hamer - Writing, Scripting 
Eternal Dream - Sprites
selenity136 - Story Editor
Auro-Cyanide - Logo